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5 Reasons You Should Day Trip Around Europe | Europe in a Day

Hello! And welcome to Europe in a Day’s brand new website!

As this is the first post on the website, I wanted to write about something I get asked a lot. I’ve been Day Tripping around Europe since 2010 and have seen over 20 different countries and territories in this way: – arriving in the morning, spending the day exploring, before heading home on the same night. I love doing it and always recommend it to my friends and colleagues. But when I do, many are often quite sceptical. Some even just blankly reply “But why?” when I tell them about the idea of Day Trips to Europe.

There are several things that make Day Tripping such a great way to travel. But if you too are a little uncertain about the whole idea, just take a look at these 5 reasons why you should consider Day Tripping around Europe!

1 – It saves money!

Fact – Day Tripping reduces the cost of your travelling. Let’s imagine you’re going to Barcelona for a long weekend: need to take a suitcase with you on the plane? That’s extra. Hotel in the city centre? That’ll cost you a pretty penny. Eating out several times a day because the hotel breakfast was awful? It soon adds up. For a Day Trip, all you need to pay for is getting to wherever you’re going, then just some money (and not as much as you’d usually need!) for any souvenirs, sightseeing or meals you want. And as you’re only going for a day, you can even scale back on that further – I took sandwiches with me to Reykjavík to avoid paying Nordic prices! If you don’t have the budget to go jetting off for weeks on end, taking a Day Trip is a great solution!

Reichstag Building, Berlin – Source: James Scanlan

2 – Here we go again…

Tied in with the above point, if Day Tripping is cheaper, of course you can do it more often! But while you can also do it more often from a financial standpoint, Day Tripping is also a lot easier to fit into daily life.  Nowadays, we’re all busy people who are pressed for time. The beauty of Day Tripping is that you don’t need as much time as you do for the more traditional approach of travelling. Got a spare day at the weekend? Lose yourself in the gorgeous heart of Prague! No lectures on Wednesday? Check out modern yet distinctly historic Berlin! Day Tripping is a lot easier to slot in around life – and makes a great stop gap if you have to wait for annual leave!

3 – Voyage sans baggage

If you can’t bear to be weighed down with the baggage travelling often entails, then Day Tripping is the way forward for you. As you won’t even be gone overnight, you don’t need to take changes of clothes or toiletries. Most everything you could possibly want for your day on the continent will fit in a backpack or handbag – especially given that our phones double as our boarding passes/cameras/maps/translators… other than your passport, ticket and money, (check and double check you have these before you set off!) I’d also recommend taking your charger or external battery for your mobile and a jacket. But if even that sounds like too much hassle, you can just go in the clothes you’re standing in!

Park Güell, Barcelona – Source: James Scanlan

 4 – New countries? Check!

Different travellers have different reasons to travel. Some want to visit specific places, while others want to see as many countries as they can. The great news is that Day Tripping is ideal for that! As I mentioned earlier, I have visited 22 countries (and more coming soon!) on Day Trips and almost all of these trips have been to countries I’d never set foot in before that day. Think of it this way: – If you Day Tripped solidly for a whole week, (other than being utterly exhausted by the end of it) you’d have visited 7 countries in a single week. That’s more than some people I know have visited in 20 years! Europe’s wealth of countries not only makes checking more countries off your travel list remarkably easy, but also gives you a wide selection of destinations to choose from.

5 – Go! Go! Go!

If you’re prone to over thinking things, being indecisive with plans or generally have a habit of putting things off, then Day Tripping allows you to just go.While they do require some planning, Day Trips allow for greater spontaneity. Find cheap flights and book them – it’s that simple! If you can always find a reason why you shouldn’t travel, then taking a Day Trip is a way to see travelling can be done differently if you’re creative.  Trust me, once you’ve done it that first time, you’ll be so glad you did. The hardest thing after taking that initial plunge will be deciding where you want to go next!

Sveti Jovan Kaneo, Ohrid – Source: James Scanlan

So what do you want? Another weekend indoors doing laundry, or marvelling at the grandeur of Rome’s Colosseum? Use up a precious day off watching rubbish on TV, or studying masterpieces in a sublime Parisian museum? Spend a day sleeping on the sofa, or feeling alive on Croatia’s stunning coast line? You get the idea…

All that’s left to ask is one thing – where will your day take you?


Author: James Scanlan

Banner Image Source: dreamstime.com

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