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CHECK LIST – How many Countries and Territories in Europe have you visited? | Europe in a Day

Let’s face it, we all love check lists – so Europe in a Day has made one just for you!

How many of the countries and territories of Europe have you visited?

On this check list you’ll find the 76 countries and territories I count as being part of Europe – whether they are fully fledged countries, autonomous regions within another country or breakaway or unrecognised territories. This is the list I am working through to say I’ve been everywhere in Europe!

The check list has been set up on listchallenge.com and you can find the CHECK LIST HERE or in the title above. Have a look and find out how you rate with other travellers!

As of March 2020, I’ve currently been to 74% of the places on this list – can you beat me? Post your scores here for bragging rights! Let’s see just how far we’ve all been!


Author: James Scanlan
Banner Image Source: smallbizclub.com

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