How to say 12 POINTS in 50 languages with Europe in a Day!

“Good evening Europe this is Europe in a Day calling! Thank you for a fantastic show this evening! Our 12 points go to…”

Several different scoring systems have been used at the Eurovision Song Contest over the decades, with 12 points being awarded for the first time in 1975. Since then, 12 points have become the most coveted of prizes at Europe’s favourite TV show – after all, it’s the single highest amount of points any national jury or televote can award!

With the national final season for 2021 starting, let’s take a look at how to award your favourites Eurovision acts and wannabes 12 points in the 50 languages of Europe in a Day!

  1. Albanian – Dymbëdhjetë pikë!
  2. Arabic – !اثنتي عشرة نقطة (Ithnatai ahshrata nuqta!)
  3. Armenian – Տասներկու միավոր! (Tasnerku miavor!)
  4. Azerbaijani – On iki xal!
  5. Basque – Hamabi puntu!
  6. Belarusian – Дванаццаць балаў! (Dvanatstsats’ balaow!)
  7. Bulgarian – Дванадесет точки! (Dvanadeset točki!)
  8. Catalan – Dotze punts!
  9. Croatian – Dvanaest poena!
  10. Czech – Dvanáct bodů!
  11. Danish – Tolv point!
  12. Dutch – Twaalf punten!
  13. Estonian – Kaksteist punkti!
  14. Faroese – Tólv stig!
  15. Finnish – Kaksitoista pistettä!
  16. French – Douze points!
  17. Georgian – თორმეტი ქულა! (Tormet’i kula!)
  18. German – Zwölf Punkte!
  19. Greek – Δώδεκα βαθμοί! (Dódeka vathmoí!)
  20. Greenlandic – Pointinik aqqaniq marlukik!
  21. Hungarian – Tizenkétto pont!
  22. Icelandic – Tólf stig!
  23. Irish Gaelic – Dhá phointe dhéag!
  24. Italian – Dodici punti!
  25. Jèrriais – Douze mèrques!
  26. Latin – Duodecim puncta!
  27. Latvian – Divpadsmit punkti!
  28. Lithuanian – Dvylika balų!
  29. Low German – Twölf Punkten!
  30. Luxembourgish – Zwielef Punkten!
  31. Macedonian – Дванаесет поени! (Dvanaeset poeni!)
  32. Maltese – Tnax-il punt!
  33. Manx – Daa yeig poyntyn!
  34. Monégasque – Duze punti!
  35. Northern Sami – Guoktenuppelohkái čuoggá!
  36. Norwegian – Tolv poeng!
  37. Polish – Dwanaście punktów!
  38. Portuguese – Doze pontos!
  39. Romanian – Doisprezece puncte!
  40. Russian – Двенадцать очков! (Dvenadtsat’ ochkov!)
  41. Scots Gaelic – Dà phuing dheug!
  42. Serbian – Дванаест поена! (Dvanaest poena!)
  43. Slovak – Dvanásť bodov!
  44. Slovene – Dvanajst točk!
  45. Spanish – Doce puntos!
  46. Swedish – Tolv poäng!
  47. Swiss German – Zwöuf Pinkt!
  48. Turkish – On iki puan!
  49. Ukrainian – Дванадцять балів! (Dvanadtsyat’ baliv!)
  50. Welsh –  Deuddeg pwynt!

A huge thank you to the Eurovision fan groups of Facebook, and for the Regional, Minority and Indigenous Language group for helping to compile this list!

Although Hebrew is not currently one of the languages of Europe in a Day usually writes in, as Israel take part at the Eurovision Song Contest, it’s only far that we include it so no Eurovision nation is left out! Here is how to say 12 points in Hebrew too!

  • Hebrew – !שתים עשרה נקודות (Shteim esre nekudot!)

Remember, that as well as travel and languages you can check out my Eurovision content, including news, videos reviews, polls and live blogs at Eurovision Ireland!

Author: James Scanlan
Banner Image Source: Europe in a Day

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