The Eurovision Song Contest has been a staple of European culture since 1956 – and Europe in a Day LOVES it!! Wherever I day trip, you can be sure I’ll be providing Eurovision facts and trivia for that destination!

Europe in a Day’s Birthday Eurovision

As part of Europe in a Day’s 5th birthday celebrations in 2020, a Birthday Eurovision was held to celebrate all the nations visited as day trips. As well as national juries for the then 38 day trip countries and territories, a televote decided by Europe in a Day’s readers helped determine the winner!

Following the success of the 2020 Birthday Eurovision, it was decided to make it an annual event, taking place on August 31st every year!

Take a look below to see previous shows and their full results!


Competing countries: 29
Non-competing juries:

Winner: SPAIN – “Quédate Conmigo” – 245 points
2nd Place: NETHERLANDS – “Calm After The Storm” – 234 points
3rd Place: LUXEMBOURG – “Après Toi” – 225 points
4th Place: SLOVAKIA – “Horehronie” – 221 points
5th Place: IRELAND – “Hold Me Now” – 213 points
6th Place: ESTONIA – “Verona” – 197 points
7th: Place: GERMANY – “Standing Still” – 195 points
8th Place: ICELAND – “Never Forget” – 180 points
9th Place: NORWAY – “Attention” – 177 points
10th Place: ROMANIA – “De La Capăt (All Over Again)” – 169 points

Birthday Eurovision 2020 – Full Show

Competing countries: 32
Non-competing juries:

Winner: ITALY – “Rapsodia” – 310 points
2nd Place: CROATIA – “Marija Magdalena” – 253 points
3rd Place: ICELAND – “Hear Them Calling” – 253 points
4th Place: SERBIA – “Oro” – 222 points
5th Place: IRELAND – “Is Always Over Now?” – 222 points
6th Place: GERMANY – “Ein Lied Kann Eine Brücke Sein” – 218 points
7th Place:
ROMANIA – “Miracle” – 216 points
8th Place: SWEDEN – “Se På Mig” – 193 points
9th Place: BELARUS – “Historyja Majho Žyccia” – 188 points
10th Place: FINLAND – “Työlki Ellää” – 185 points

Birthday Eurovision 2021 – Full Show

Competing countries: 32
Non-competing juries:

Winner: TBC
2nd Place: TBC
3rd Place: TBC
4th Place: TBC
5th Place: TBC
6th Place: TBC
7th Place:
8th Place: TBC
9th Place: TBC
10th Place: TBC

Birthday Eurovision 2022 – Full Show – Coming August 2022!
FULL RESULTS – Coming August 31st 2022!

Phrases for Eurovision fans

Want to find out how to say some Eurovision terms in the 50 languages of Europe in a Day? Have a look below!

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