Anyone who knows me, knows that languages are almost as big a passion for me as travelling is! Luckily travelling is a great way to discover and experience new languages!

A lot of people think that speaking another language is difficult and won’t even attempt it. But learning a few words or expressions feels a lot more manageable and is fun – the hardest thing is to just try! So in the words of Lonely Planet, don’t just stand there, say something!

Europe in a Day speaks 50 languages that come from across Europe and beyond. These languages (and the number 50!) were chosen to celebrate visiting my 50th country in 2017 and are a mix of languages spoken in countries and territories I had visited and others from places I want to visit.

Europe in a Day speaks:


Albanian – Arabic – Armenian – Azerbaijani – Basque – Belarusian – Bulgarian – Catalan – Croatian – Czech – Danish – Dutch – Estonian – Faroese – Finnish – French – Georgian – German – Greek – Greenlandic – Hungarian – Icelandic – Irish Gaelic – Italian – Jèrriais – Latin – Latvian – Lithuanian – Low German – Luxembourgish – Macedonian – Maltese – Manx – Monégasque – Northern Sami – Norwegian – Polish – Portuguese – Romanian – Russian – Scots Gaelic – Serbian – Slovak – Slovene – Spanish – Swedish – Swiss German – Turkish – Ukrainian – Welsh

BosnianLlanitoOccitanOld English



Thank You

Have A Nice Day

Days of the Week, Months and Seasons

Good Luck



I Love You

Happy Birthday


Merry Christmas

Christmas Tree

Santa Claus

Happy New Year

Useful Words for Travelling

Myths and Monsters


Europe in a Day (Book Title)

Eurovision Song Contest

Open Up (Eurovision 2020 and 2021 Slogan)

12 Points (Eurovision Scoring)

United In Diversity (Motto of the European Union)

Keep checking back as new phrases are being researched and added!

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